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Poll results: Man of the match vs Derby

match reportA mix of reserves, youth and first team came from a 1-0 deficit in the first leg to send Manchester United into the Carling Cup final with a 4-2 win on the day. But who was your man of the match in the second leg?

Man of the match:

Nani (41% of the votes from and

 nani shot

With the arrival of Tosic and Nani unable to replicate the form he showed last year there was even more pressure on the Portugeseto take his chance. Did he? DID HE? Smashing a 30 yard shot past the former United keeper Carroll who may as well have just stood back and taken in the beauty of the shot rather than vainly trying to claw the ball out. 

 Of course one great goal doesn't make a man of the match but the goal seemed to provide Nani with the confidence to go on and continue to tormet the defenders with teasing trickery and crosses. 

Unfortunatley a strained groin prevented him from playing against Spurs today but according to Sir Alex it will only rule him out for a week so it is possible he might be given another chance to re-gain his place against Everton on the 2nd of February.

Watch the goal below or download it directly here (note if you want to download the other goals you need to register and then go to the goals page under downloads on the left menu)
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